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Creative Baby Photography Ideas You Should Try

creatie baby photography ideas

Baby Photography

Creative Baby Photography Ideas You Should Try

Babies are God’s most adorable and precious creation. They spread such joy and warmth with acts as simple as a sweet smile, or gibberish gargles. And when you’re preparing a shoot for baby photography, you get to enjoy and persevere a great many such moments.

As a photographer you need to understand that parents want to capture the best of their child, the smiles, the laughter, and the special forms of communication that the child may not exhibit in front of you. And therein lies the secret of nailing baby photography, you need to communicate with the baby, connect with him/her, and no matter how impossible that seems, you have to make the baby like you.

Otherwise, you may as well forget about smile shots and be content with plain old sleeping shots. Babies are quite possibly the hardest of subjects since they move a lot, don’t understand instructions, and quite frankly, even if they did understand they would do as they please.

Adding a Special Magic in Baby Photography Using Creativity and Artistic Concepts

When you’re gearing up for baby photography, you need a great deal of inspiration, some handy tricks and a massive dose of creativity to create the perfect recipe of a splendid shoot. So here’s a baby photography guide for beginners:

A Basket of Joy

Baskets make such amazing props for baby photography, you can try out some really creative concepts and story lines for the shoot. This is a great idea if the baby is a newborn, or below the age of 12 months. Smaller babies look cuter in baskets, and you can try out various costumes. The baby can be dressed up like Snow white, Alice or The Little Mermaid with a cute little tail hanging out of the basket. Babies tend to get very playful when put into a basket, so you can count on capturing some really precious shots. And even if the baby is put to sleep in the basket, it should give you an opportunity to take some really adorable pictures.

Let the rugs do the magic

Fury and colourful rugs work as great props because they add up a lot of colour, and the babies also get attracted to their patterns and figures. You can lie the baby down on a very colourful furry rug, or a quilt perhaps, and just let the child play around as you capture away. A sleeping baby would make an even greater subject for this one, so you can capture all the beautiful features of the tiny nose and beady eyes.

Baby in a Hammock

If you want to get super creative at baby photography, why not add a hammock to the shoot? You can place the baby in the hammock and sway it a little. The child will adore the little swing and that will allow you to capture the joy vivid on his face. You can add some other props too, toys perhaps, a teddy bear. The hammock can be a large one, or a smaller one if the baby is a newborn. This is probably the kind of idea that would work better outdoors, in the garden or backyard where you can also play up the effects of sunlight.

Playing with letters

If you really want to raise the bar and put some phenomenal effort into baby photography, start cutting out wooden letters and painting them into different bright colours. Now, you can photography the baby lying with the alphabets of his/her name, or perhaps standing with them. You can also place them in the background and have the baby pose in the front. Or, you can try out different words, like Love, or I’m Cute, to make the shoot all the more adorable.

Precious Antiques & Colourful Furniture

If you wish to give baby photography a truly unique and artsy kind of creativity, start hunting for colourful and funky furniture items and rare antiques that can serve as some stellar baby props. Tiny little beds look extremely adorable, and you can do a whole Sleeping Beauty themed shoot on such a thing. All you need is a spray paint and then you can spray it in any colour you want. Tiny little rocking chairs in funky colours would also look equally amazing.

Think about colours like bright yellow, blues, reds, orange, pinks and purples. Perhaps, you can take a battered old bench and paint it in rainbow colours. It would be an amazing pop of colour, and you can use it for children of all ages. Another idea would be acquiring an antique cupboard, a bureau or perhaps a treasure chest to run some pirate-themed baby shoots.

For the love of stuffed teddies

Babies and teddy bears are the two most adorable things in the world, and when put together, they create such a beautiful image, overloaded with cuteness. And the best part, babies love teddies so they get all playful and interactive. The best idea is to pick out their own favourite teddy bear so that you can capture that bond of familiarity the child shares with the stuffed toy. You can let the child play around with the teddy, a little tea party perhaps. Or you can capture that precious sleeping moment, when the child tightly cuddles with the teddy in bed.

Accessorize the little one!

Little ones look all the more adorable with cute little accessories like floral and cartoonish pins sticking out of their head, fairy wings on their back, butterfly headbands, chunky necklaces, little rings, bow ties and much more. For girls, you’d always want to make them look floral and add up lots colourful bands and jewellery items. Tiaras are probably the best thing you’ll pick out and it will allow you to create some lovely princess-like pictures.

And for boys, you’ll have to resort to fewer options like a bow tie or a small tie. Perhaps, you can play around with wigs too, if the parents allow, a yellow bob or a long red hair would be amazing to dress up the babies in some funny characters.

Where’s my hat?

Babies look insanely adorable in hats, be it a Halloween hat, a witch hat, a baseball cap, a knitted cap or colourful straw hat. You can try out different Holiday themes into your baby photography and create Halloween themed photos, or use a Santa hat to create a lovely Christmas album. Another idea is to let the baby loose in the garden with lovely flower hat atop her head. Sailor hats would also look very lovely, but the best way is to use a hat that has a lovely pop of colour.

A well-themed storyline

The best way to plan out baby photography is to create storylines and project it through your images. You can create different stories, for instance, dress the baby as Snow White, Sleeping beauty, a wizard, a witch or something more exciting, a cowboy perhaps? You’ll have to find suitable props that will add more definition to the theme and making it more obvious. For instance, for snow white you need apples, and a blue and yellow dress with a long red cape.

Sleeping Beauty would have a yellow dress, with lots of white in the background, and Belle would have a deep red rose covered in glass lying by her side. To create a wizard, you need to dress the baby in wizard cape and hat, and of course, a couple of wizard books and a wand would seal the bargain splendidly!

The Musical One

Musical instruments can be used to some insanely cute purposes in baby photography. Be it a guitar, a saxophone, a drum or a piano, you can add it to the images and create some sensational pictures. You can place the baby atop the piano, or on the seat and capture everything he/she does naturally. Or you can have the child pose with the guitar, or a saxophone. An even greater idea is to place a sleeping newborn baby on the guitar, or place the saxophone near the mouth while he’s asleep. You can even place the child atop the drums and capture some truly adorable pictures.

Some pet loving

Pets and babies are the perfect recipe for a beautiful shoot that will leave you gushing over and over. Bring forward the pets that the baby is familiar with and add them to the shoot. Babies tend to get really playful and interactive with dogs, and dogs also tend to hug and cuddle a lot. You can capture away as the child and the pet play around, or you can have the dog cuddle with the baby while he’s asleep.

Cats are also great subjects, but dogs are generally more playful. You can even add a fish tank to the shoot and capture the baby as he/she explores the mysteries of the watery tank and the beady eyes peeping out of it.

Outdoor fun

Little ones just love being outdoors, and you can capture some amazing shots in the playground. You can take the baby out on the street, and capture its activities on the road. A playground will give you the opportunity to explore playtime, and you can let the little one have some fun in the sandbox as you click away. A great idea would be placing the baby in a bicycle basket and capturing some cute pictures, or you can even ask one of the parents to ride the bicycle as you capture the moment. Creating a bed of flowers on the ground and placing the newborn atop it would also create some truly magical imagery.

The Sporty one

Sports equipment can also help you create some very adorable pictures. For instance, you can dress the boy in soccer gear, hand him a football, and place a helmet alongside. If the child is a newborn, lay it down with its back resting on the helmet and feet touching the football. You can even lie the baby down on the soccer ball and capture away. Baseball bats, basket balls, tennis rackets and swimming gear would all work to create some really fun sporty shoots.

How about some role playing?

These are some really fun and creative ideas, dress up the child as a policeman or a fire-fighter and get some insanely amazing pictures. For a policeman, you’ll need some badges, a uniform, a stick and handcuffs. While the fire-fighter would need a uniform, a hat, a pipe hose and other general equipment. Lie the kid with the equipment neatly scattered around the baby, or seat the child atop the pipe hose. You can even try out roles like a doctor, a nurse, a rock star, a race driver or a pilot.

Knitted glory

Knitted pieces like mittens, leg warmers, head bands, caps, sweaters, overalls, mufflers and scarfs looks so infectiously adorable on children, and bring out the best in their angelic features. So, hunt down knitted items with cute little cartoons, flowers and bright colours for the babies to wear. This would give your baby photography a lovely pop of colour and create some precious images for the parents to cherish.

Hand them some Balloons

Babies are just so fascinated by balloons, they’d be overjoyed when you hand them a bunch to play with. It would instantly bring out their fun and playful side and they will busy themselves playing with the colourful balloons. You can capture them playing with the balloons, or just looking at them with utter fascination. Or, you can tie lots of balloons to a basket and place the child inside for some amazingly cute pictures.

A little tea party

Little girls love tea parties, and they make wonderful occasions to capture some stellar shots of baby photography. You need to set up a lovely tea party, with some colourful food items like cakes, cookies and pastries. The tea set should also be bright and colourful, or you can try out pastels, they look equally cute. You can even try out the whole Alice In Wonderful like tea party, or you can simply take out all the stuff toys and help the little girl have some fun entertaining her guests as you click away.

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