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Black And White Photography To Become a Pro

black and white photography

Black and White Photography

Black And White Photography To Become a Pro

A Complete Guide About Black And White Photography To Become a Pro.

Our world is made of colors and colors fetch our attention. That’s why colored photography is so popular because it gives us the opportunity to save these colors in form of photographs. But, it doesn’t mean black and white photography got vanished instead, it is still blossoming.

Black and white photography focus on construction block of a photo like lighting, textures, shapes, tone contrast and forms. Because of the presence of colors, these things get lost in color photography.

In the world of abundance of color photography, black and white photography gives the refreshing impression. So, in this journey, we will learn about the art of black and white photography and how to master it.

1- See The World In Monochrome

It is important in black and white photography, to imagine the world without colors. The reason is that not every subject is suitable for black and white photography. Some pictures have the powerful impact due to their colors. In order to master the art of the black and white photography, a photographer should be able to find and identify the right subject that looks better in black and white.

This process needs practicing like evaluate the subject and pre-imagine the results, you will get with the subject. You can use some techniques like imagining the texture and forms.

2- Textures Are Essential

The old things like old buildings, walls, rusty metals or woods have a lot of texture worth of capturing in black and white. Almost, every old thing has a texture that will look great in black and white photography. Light effects the textures and this has the great impact on black and white photography.

The most suitable lighting conditions to shoot in black and white are the golden hours of sunrise and sunset. The light in those hours will make the texture stand out abruptly.

3- Contrast Of Dark And Light

In black and white photography, light colors are highlighted and dark colors become darker. While shooting in the black and white, colors are transformed into shades of gray. The tonal contrast is a difference between the lighter and darker shades.

In order to master the art of black and white photography, you have to properly use these contrast for enhancing image.

4- Visual Elements: Form And Shapes

The most important building block of the image is forms and shapes. Everything holds a specific form and shape; we are used to visualizing the subject informs and shapes. Black and white photography greatly depends on these shapes and forms. And present these shapes in best imaginary way.

The main challenge for a photographer is to capture the two or three dimension forms of the subject. The attention is drawn towards the lines and shadows that depict the subject in black and white.

Black And White Photography Subjects.

  • Black and white photography focuses and highlights the subject eyes, face, and clothes texture. So, portraiture is well suited to shoot in black and white. Old people with wrinkles make the ideal and wonderful subjects for black and white.
  • Travel photography is connected with the feelings and emotions associated with the places you have visited. The memory of those places is worth of being capture. Because black and white photography is considered to be everlasting so, it is perfect for travel.
  • The well-suited photography for all sorts of still life is the black and white photography. Because, it emphasize on shapes, forms and textures of the subject rather on colors. The quality of lighting is really important is still life so; it is in black and white.
  • Landscapes look great in black and white. The reason is that landscape has defined lines which formulate the forms and shapes and a lot of textures as well. The lighting is also favorable in capturing the landscape in black and white. Natural landscape in large areas looks so great in black and white.
  • The modern architecture is made of glass and metal and it’s everywhere, in our towns and cities. All you need to do is to look for structural design these buildings make alongside to the sky. The surface of the old buildings is full of texture that will enhance the overall impact of the black and white photo. But the old buildings made of concrete have their own charm and their textures are more suitable for black and white photography.

Lighting In Black And White Photography

In the Greek language, the word photography means drawing with light, literally. The essence of photography is light and quality of photography depends on the quality of light. You can take black and white photos any time of the day. But the best time is considered to be the time when the sun is really low in the sky like sunrise and sunset.

It doesn’t mean you can’t take the pictures in the middle of the day; the only thing you should make sure is that lighting is well suited for the subject.

For an instant, you can shoot buildings in black and white in the sharp light of midday but not the landscape. The sharp light creates the shadows that cover the face and ruin the photo’s impact.

Portraits In Black And White

The best portraits can only be shooting in black and white. Portraits possess the quality of being timeless and evocative. Because in portraits, the main focus is the face and its features which are perfectly captured in black and white. The lighting for portraits should be soft, so do not shoot in midday or under direct sunlight. The direct sunlight creates the shadows across the face and spoils the quality of the picture.

At the end of our journey of black and white photography, we learn the basics of shooting in black and white. The black and white photography is as charming as it was the first time when Frenchman Nicephore Niepce captured the first black and white photo. We are surrounded by colors and they are everywhere. This is a reality. Black and white photography is supposed to be timeless and presented as the interpretation of the reality.

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